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The United Poodle Breeds Association exists to promote the "total poodle".

We strive to advance the best interests and welfare of purebred Poodles and Standard Poodles and to bring their natural qualities to perfection through versatility in performance and careful breeding.

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United Poodle Breeds Association will have it's annual UKC Poodle & Standard Poodle Specialty in Hickory, North Carolina September 25, 2015.
This show is held in conjunction with the American Hairless Terrier Association all-breed UKC shows.

For more information on this event, visit our Upcoming Events page!

Poodles in the UKC

The United Kennel Club's "Total Dog" philosophy makes it an excellent registry for our versatile, active poodles. UKC believes that function is at least as important as form, that dogs should look and perform equally well. This belief informs and guides UKC's approach to all dog activities. Perhaps the clearest illustration of the importance UKC places on the "Total Dog" approach is that the UKC's highest and most coveted award is not the Champion or even the Grand Champion title, but rather the prestigious Total Dog Award, which is conferred only upon dogs who excel in both conformation and performance.
UKC has been registering poodles since 1914, but in the last decade the club's emphasis on the "Total Dog" has led it to make two changes affecting poodles. Effective January 1, 2000, Standard Poodles were recognized as a separate breed and moved from the Companion Dogs to the Gun Dogs group. This allows Standard Poodles to participate in UKC Hunting Retriever events, and to be judged along with other breeds whose heritage is field work.
In 2003, after reviewing a great deal of evidence attesting to the presence of purebred multi-colored dogs throughout poodle history, UKC revised the Poodle and Standard Poodle breed standards to eliminate the disqualification for multi-colored dogs. Both breed standards now place solid-colored and multi-colored poodles on equal footing. The revised standards do not establish multi-colored dogs as a separate breed or a distinct variety. However, at this time, the two coat patterns will not be shown together in conformation. Beginning in June 2004, multi-colored Poodles and Standard Poodles will show in UKC conformation in their own rings, separately from solid-colored dogs.
UPBA believes that poodles deserve to be recognized as the "Total Dogs" they have always been intended to be, and strongly encourages participation by poodles and their handlers in all events for which they are eligible. UPBA Poodles do stuff!

UKC Breed Standard for the Poodle
UKC Breed Standard for the Standard Poodle
UKC Breed Standard for the Multicolor Poodle
UKC Breed Standard for the Multicolor Standard Poodle

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