UPBA encourages membership by all persons who have a sincere desire to promote the welfare of the Poodle and Standard Poodle and who meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Members and prospective members must subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the Association;
  • All members and prospective members must agree to abide by the Association Code of Ethics;
  • To be eligible for membership, you must be in good standing with the United Kennel Club;
  • It is not necessary to own a Poodle or Standard Poodle.

Membership Type:
  • Individual (1 adult 18 or over) $20.00 or $20.91 if using PayPal.
  • Household (2 adults, 1 address) $30.00 or $31.20 if using PayPal.
  • Senior (1 adult 65 or over)$10.00 or $10.61 if using PayPal.
  • Junior $1.00 (1 youth under 18) or $1.33 if using PayPal.

The Association year begins on January 1. Dues are good through December 31. A new member who has joined the Association during the months of October, November, or December shall be considered automatically paid up for the next year. Dues are non-refundable and are not pro-rated.

Make check payable to: United Poodle Breeds Association and mail with completed application to our Treasurer at:

UPBA Treasurer;
Andrea Hungerford
1175 Peckerwood Rd
Hayesville, NC 28904

If using PayPal, Recipient's Email is:

Note: By paying my dues, I indicate that I have read the Constitution and Bylaws, and the Code of Ethics of the United Poodle Breeds Association and agree to abide by them, and to do my part to support the goals of the UPBA in preserving, protecting and promoting versatile Poodles and Standard Poodles. I am in good standing with the United Kennel Club

Application for Membership in PDF Format
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On-line Membership Option
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